After the class, I found several ideas about random. The first is random number. Numbers can be a symbol for describing every kind of amount (scatar or vector), which means it can be given various meanings. It is easy to generate random numbers by different methods. For example, a couple of six-sided dices can generate at least 36 combinations, and 4 20-sides dices (which is used in TRPG board games) can generate at least 160,000 different combination. With some pre-agreed operation, we can get a number randomly from billions of possibilities. But this kind of random is still limited. A true random number can only generate through specific algorithm or chaos equations.

However, a totally random sequence will be meaningless. Not only art but also design need a direction for doing or creating something. On the other hand, in most instances, those random ideas or concepts which being created and controlled by human’s decision are illusion from sub-consciousness. When you toss out a coin, you have already known which side you want. Now the problem of random generator has been clear. I think it is a method to catch an idea from the deep sea of sub-consciousness.

For instance, now what I want is a logo for juice. They have 6 kinds of fruits: apple, orange, pineapple, mango, lemon, and pear. And I want a background colour and a fruit in front of it.

First some matching concepts can be created from random numbers. These random numbers can be generated from two 6-sides dices.

Let me define:
The left dice means background colours:
1: white
2: red
3: yellow
4: cyan
5: orange
6: green

The right dice means the fruit selected as a main symbol of the logo:
1: apple
2: orange
3: mango
4: pear
5: lemon
6: pineapple

Then, some combination can be given by these dices:
Then they will be:
Background: Fruit:
Green mango
Cyan lemon
Green pear
Orange pear

More combinations can be created through this way. Then they will be a reference for further design.