Randomly composed Poem led to a choice of a word for Three Experiments. DIRT

Please forgive me if I am not Using this website correctly as it is very difficult for me to grasp this technology and using a Turkish laptop while having a Russian Background makes this whole thing even harder but for me. However, I will still explain to you what my Generator is about.
Everything started with me wanting to write a poem. If you still don't know I have this Secret Dream to become a writer. Thus I had to somehow incorporate my desires into this project.
1) I had to come up with the name for my poem, that's why I asked Maya to go and ask a random word from one of the students who did not know what my project is about, but Maya refused to do it. So Mark went and came back with the word `ASTOUND` Just to let you know, I actually have absolutely no idea what that word means. Thus the experiment became even more interesting.
2) The second step was to decide how many lines my poem has to be and just drew a card from a Tarot deck which I keep caring around with me. 10 of Cups came out.
Thus I had to come up with 10 lines using rhyme.
3) The third step was to find a vocabulary for the poem. I could not decide whether to open a random page in a Tarot book, draw a new card or use description from 10 of cups, so i walked to the other table with students and asked to choose a number between 1 and 3. The answer was 2, so I drew another card. It was -The Emperor.IMG_8281.JPG

This is the poem I came up with. Please don't judge me because I am very far from being a poet.


4) This poem has to be a random generator at this point. First of all, I documented the time when I finished it and it was 5.47 pm. I'm Gona put an alarm for this time for my future experiments. However, Possibilities are still opened for me because its still not 10 am 16th of Jan 2018. I am waiting for the first comment for this poem which is intended to me my WORD. However just to make myself safe, when I finished the poem on at 5.47 pm, I closed my notebook and guess what???? My notebook was covered with paint cause I had a fresh painting on the table, and the first thing I said was Dirt

Just reminding you - This project is a million possibilities you can use to come up with something amazing! I'm loving this course so far!

MY WORD IS >>>>>>>> DIRT


After approaching people and asking them if my clothes appear to be dirty to them, it made me think about philosophical approach of "dirt" and "dirty" as a state of being. I got interested in the way different humans perceive dirt and noticed that there is only a very thin line between dirty and let's say used or affected or hacked in a way.