Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Experiment 3

Random generator task:

Originally I wanted to track my walk taking alternate routes home and images to hopefully inspire me to find my random generator, Halfway through my walk, I felt a lot of pain in my heels
having felt this earlier in the day I was surprised to find out that my new shoes that I perceived as comfortable for the 5 minutes, I tried them on are causing blisters. Apart from being annoyed,
I was also in pain, having gone home and researching pain experiments and how we perceive pain I kept circling around the idea of perception but put the idea on hold to be able to
explore further possibilities, when dwelling on this idea to push myself further my walk home Tuesday concluded with a walk past a Chinese massage shop.

26937382_1873825292679483_1498699915_o.jpg 26941799_1873825299346149_28333811_o.jpg 26981757_1873363766058969_756315408_o.jpg
This map shows my normal route , While this is the path I chose to explore

Then researching upon reflexology points leading me to read upon the study that feet that when massaged and stimulated can radically improve health, Chinese reflexology points

correspond to different areas of your body.and can help gain insight into how the body responds and what goes on.


After analysing the chart I pinpointed my pain to the chart curious to see what area that possibly effects, near the heel a red circle is highlighted as relating to the top of the head,

I then realised the colour red as it stood out to me as red is often related with pain or anger. From the chart pointing out the top of the head I searched for another chart this time

the anatomy of the brain, being colour coded I realised like the foot chart pointing to my pain also shows the top of the head as the Frontal lobe also coded in red, excited with my

discovery I saw the number 13 labeling the frontal lobe, wanting to move on further I used the list on the chart, using the number 13 I went to part 1 number 3 " Image Perception",

coincidence I think not, the word perception displayed itself again


I started to link this back to my shoe, deception and perception how things might not be how they seem and how we make decisions and choices based on preconceived notions or illusions,
from this I wanted to further explore the word "Perception" with my random generator being my waste of money of a shoe. Overall Focusing on how we make choices and why we perceive
things the way we do.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.16.05 pm.png

With my word perception, I wanted to explore the notion of home, my perception of home and what I perceivedhome to mean to me and how I could explore my memories, emotions and senses.
I then took some images to reflect on after viewing my images reoccurring patterns colours and hierarchyof my perception of the structures around me revealed the constant image of grids and lines.

27016557_1874142289314450_1582883669_o.jpg 26982402_1874143095981036_1753793875_o.jpg 18836118_1615275035201178_1736257264_o.jpg 18516556_1598205456908136_588882158_o.jpg

18575423_1598203936908288_1138818904_o.jpg 18553819_1598204340241581_423151245_o.jpg 18519306_1598204350241580_2010425464_o.jpg