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ADAD 9406 Gaia Starace 2018

1. After dinner I was faced with two objects: homeopathic pills (Arnica for jet leg) and a chocolate Ferrero Rouche...Up until then I was, well, still a bit confused until things started to emerge...

Image1. Homeopathic Arnica pills and Ferrero Rouche Chocolate

2. I ate the chocolate and with the golden rapping I instinctively rolled it around the Arnica pills.

Image 2. Rapping technique (Chocolate golden paper around homeopathic pills)

3. Inspired by a magazine I had on the table of the famous painter Vermeer, "The Girl with a Pearl Earring", c.1665/66, I drew an "ugly version" of a face with a red pastel (nothing like Vermeer's of course!). Then with some coloured pastel I drew 3 lines across the face/paper pad.

Image 3. Ugly Face with 3 coloured pastel line drawn across the pad.

4. I then started to write numbers in Italian "Uno" (One), "Due" (Two), "Tre" (Three) on the left side of the pad and realised with great surprise that these three numbers in Italian all have 3 letters!! how exiting.....So I decided to recorded at the bottom as well.

4. Writing Numbers and smudging colour with rolled pills

5. With other coloured pastels I smudged them perpendicular to the horizontal ones to create a sort of a grid.

Image 5. Cross lines on the pad perpendicular to previous ones with pastels.

6. I then created a rolled homeopathic/chocolate rapper PEN with a point made out of blue tack as to simulate a pen (sort of...)

Image 6. My rolled homeopathic/chocolate rapper pen with point made out of blue tack (simulating a pen)

7. I then tested the pan on the drawing "Random Device" spinning it around until it stopped in a certain position pointing somewhere on the drawing (in this case it was a face/cheek). I also added more numbers at the bottom of each of the three vertical lines.

7. Testing of the pan on the drawing "Random Device" and adding more numbers at the bottom of 3 vertical lines.

8. After adding some more colours (mixing/smudging them with my finger), Roman numbers, symbols, alphabetical letters and named part of the face drawn on the pad (eye, nose, cheek, ear, chin), all without any associated meaning to them, I was happy with my "Random Generator Device". I also added a woollen thread to my PEN as I felt to elongate/determine the orientation of the PEN/point
or clarity (after spinning it around by hand).
Along the line I came across to choices: CHIN, ORANGE, NUMBER 5 (or a V)...Of course I don't know where this is leading me...for the moment considering the time I can sleep on it.

Image 8. Random Device Generator


During our presentation on the 16/01/18 I spun the little PEN that pointed at the Roman number My word is "THREE"!!.