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Process 1: Moving out in 21 days
My initial trigger to start the random process was actually created by the random email I received just after the class today. The email was from my flatmate notifying that he was not continuing the lease therefore me and other flatmate will need to leave, just in 21 days. So '21' has become my random identifier to start with.


Process 2: Following the power lines for 21 minutes (videotaped)
After this email, I was not in the best mood so I decided to run for 21 minutes. The exercise didn't help as much, so I went back to my other concepts from the class I thought about: following the power lines, but for continuously 21 minutes and see where it takes me.

Conceptual link: Look up
  • Power lines are everywhere in Japan, where I am originally from. I used to look at the sky and thought why they cover the sky with so many cables. Here in Sydney, the same line exists. The amount of surrounding space and people, height of poles, kinds of trees, and surrounding are totally different but it still brings the familiar memory.
  • I found this 'random' email that I will be homeless in 21 days was absolutely annoying, but we all need to look up, breathe, and see the bright side somehow. 21 minutes of continuous journey following the lines came out as quite meditative. Sometimes I had to stop for traffic lights, getting inside of the trees, or finding the tiny space below the powerlines.
  • Lines with dots - continuous element and stopping points.
Powerlines in Osaka, Japan (taken by the author, December 2017)

I videotaped the journey I made carrying the digital camera and looking at the sky. I had to be careful with the traffic, people, trees and poles on the way. The route was from my current neighbourhood, Darlinghurst.
Powerlines (Darlinghurst, Sydney, 15.01.2018)

Found location:
After 21 minutes of journey, I ended up at the back gate of the Darlinghurst Public School on the Beacon Avenue.
The signs on the gate were saying 'WELCOME' everywhere. I thought it was quite ironic that I have to move out in 21 days but seeing the sign of welcome, as a very positive word, and 'SLOW' as in I should take time and chill. Coincidentally, the alarm tone when the 21 minutes passed was also called 'beacon'. I looked up the meaning of 'beacon' and was pleased to know that it has the three very different signs: warning, signal, or celebration. I could take this randomness in any way I want.

beacon meaning.png

Darlinghurst Public School back gate

21 minutes journey following the power lines

Next step ideas:
Experimentation using the data taken from the video, sound and lines/dots. This can be either
  1. GIF/animation that randomly stops because of the sound frequency
  2. a drawing based on the journey on the map on top of the footages from video
  3. combining the screenshots from the video and scan them to create some photogram?