So what is Randomness to me?
How can I develop something that can generate that Randomness?
These are the questions I asked myself as I desperately claw at the corners of my mind in search for a way to get my head around the idea.

Then I got it.
It was to be:
- Instant
- Dynamic
- Every occurrence has to be unique
- Involves time

I came up with these points because I realised that with time comes fluidity and time itself gives anything its dynamic attribute.
Time forever moves forward and even in a single moment everyone experiences time differently.
Time is relative to everyone and is unique.
So Time = Clock
Clock = Position
Position at a random time = Random snapshot of whatever it is around you
So as my starting point I looked at my watch and took a photo of it.

Now the time, randomly generated by me and the act of looking down within that instant gave birth to a still photograph.

With this data I now wanted to move from Instance to Dynamic, hence then I looked up and found movement around me, which were Cars.
As stated by Paul, everything around us is objectified in our society. The "archive" of "dynamic" is the number plates on the cars which identify each car uniquely.

Linking the Time with Dynamics I then counted each passing vehicle to match the red arrow indicated by my watch.

Looking at the final car's number plate

JORDY Plate.png

Now not only do I have numbers, but also letters to play with.
Letting the Numbers be a house number or lot number, and the letters play the part of the beginning of an address or point of interest search, I wonder where it will lead me.


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