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Experient 2 --- The transformation

Experiment 2 is the extension of experiment 1.

130 million years ago, the splitting of the Asia plate and Africa plate caused the formation of the red sea. And the fresh water from nearby river went through the gap or cracks into the canyon and made it a sea. Even though the red sea is 130 million years old, it is still a young sea compared with others. After went through several documentaries about the formation of the red sea, I was shocked by the magical nature. Then I decided to mimic the formation of it using my own "red sea water".

I put the red sea water used to soak salmon in the fridge.

After 5 days in the fridge, the water turns into like this.




DSC01304 copy.jpg


The surface of the frozen red sea water is not totally flat. There are some bumps going up and down makes it looks like real frozen sea surface. They probably come
from the olive oil I put in before which I never thought that would happen. Those white parts are salmon's frozen fat.

Since there is a long canyon in the bottom of the sea. So I started using knife digging the ice.


It looks like a crime scene and the scene fro newest star war movie.

Then I melted it back to water.


The whole idea of this experiment is trying to mimic the formation of the red sea. I didn't the do in the exact same way. The whole process of frozen and unfrozen thewater, makes it no more the same water as it is before. It is a process of transformation just like those fresh water from river went through those crack or gap into the canyon and turned into a sea millions of years ago.