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Random Generator
Attempt 1

Random for me means neutral. So I need to pick something that has nothing to do with me and cannot be manipulated by me. So I decided to take a picture of the building in front of my balcony.

renfei balcony.jpg

Every balcony will be seen as a box and all the Then I just rotate it 180 degree.
balcony with the light on will be shaded
renfei_box.jpgrenfei_box copy.jpg

Then I went to the closest vending machine. The vending machine happens to have five stories which match the grid. I decided to buy the drinks in the position of the unshaded box. I started from left.

Below display the corresponding position of the unshaded box in the vending machine.

renfei vend mach.jpgrenfei macthing.jpg

Here are what I got.

renfei drinks.jpg

2 X Coke
3 X Mountain Everest water
1 X Solo Lemon soda
1 X Coconut water
1 X Waterfords Lime mineral water

Then I looked at their barcode. Since all barcode is a 13-digit number and starts from 9, I take away all the first digit 9. Then I sorted all the number from big to small and then I used the sum of first 6 number minus the sum of last six numbers.

renfei No..png

Then I put those numbers in the order of the corresponding drink bottle from left to right and bottom to top. Below is the 16-digit number I got.

Then I split it into half and try to use it as a coordinate.27.351927 35.352919
I tried to type it into the Google map and it led me to a place in the Red Sea near the coastline of Duba.

Below the location of this coordinate.

renfei msp.png

Attempt 2
I was still playing with the grid. I grab a Sydney concierge map from the lobby of my hotel. This is the map you can get everywhere.Then I just add the grid to the map according to the layout of that balcony.

renfei gridmap.jpg

The red line below connect all the center of those unshaded boxes.

renfei red map.jpg

The blue line below is I was trying to find the center point of this irregular hexagon.

renfei center point.png
Three intersection point make up a triangle and I found the center point of that triangle. That is my location whch is at wentworth park.

Screenshot 2018-01-16 02.58.01.png
Screenshot 2018-01-16 02.57.52.png