Experiment 1

Random Generator

To create my random generator i decided to start with numbers that I am directly or indirectly connected to. My aim was to find a location initially, but then decided to find or arrive at some random word from a random book from a random place.
For example, I noted the time I woke up, the time my first morning alarm is set, and then I noted the difference between them.
I also noted the time my phone notified about my night sleep and the time I went to bed, and calculated the difference between them.
7:30 - 7:17 - 0.13
12:00-11:40- 0.60

I added both the time difference I found from my scheduled regular pattern of the day, and got 0.73

Then I decided to focus on the differences between all the (numbers) digits that I go through in a day
Date 15.01.2018
Dob 08-11-1991

15-08 -7

Monday temperature high 31
. Low 21 - 10
Health app - activity tracking
I choose 14 th and 15th of January to calculate the walk count difference between Sunday nd Monday
Sunday -3394
Monday -8721

Missed calls

Sunday -4
Monday -7
Difference 3

Movie show times
Show 1-6:15pm
Show 2-9:30pm
Difference 3.15

After finding all the difference between those numbers, I am taking an average of all these differences and divide with my birth date.

5350.88 /8

8 is my favourite lucky number, and I strongly believe that, it is the one only complete number that starts and ends at same point.

I was Surprised to see my average with one or more 8ts, then I divided it with 8 and got


I choose one of the random book from my landlords shelf - from the eighth rack, eighth book
assuming it to be over 1000 pages.
And I found war and peace - Leo Tolstoy

My word I found from 668th page, and the 86th word was - Life