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Random generator

The process- 15/01/18

1. I visited to and chose the biggest article on the front page:

2. Picked the suburbs out of the article most likely to have building plans refused in Sydney and mapped on google maps suburbs.
Screenshot from google maps 15/1/18

‘Mosman, Hunters Hill, Leichhardt, Strathfield and Woollahra are more likely to have had their plans refused than anywhere else in Sydney.’

3. Then I connected the suburbs by drawing lines in a clockwise direction. Hunters Hill—> Mosman—>Woollahra—>Leichhardt—>Strathfield

4. This led me to a shape—> the trapezium

5. At lunchtime I went for a walk to find inspiration and picked this small plane tree branch which had fallen on the foot path on oxford st.

6. Drawing upon the five points used above in the map, I pin pointed the corners of this small branch and connected the points:
Once again a trapezium was seen.

7. I decided this was serendipitous enough and my random thing had been generated.


Then this morning I noticed my toast was a trapezium!