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I was a little stuck with ideas when it came to my new thing, as it wasn’t something that I particularly liked. To generate more ideas, I kept this little guy on me at all times. It was invited to my mum’s birthday, but didn’t make it because my cat found it first!


It was still intact though, and I started to brainstorm further about this thing.

thing brainstorm

I left it for a while to continue thinking, and started thinking about where it came from, I cant believe I forgot!

-Vinnies is secondhand, meaning this belonged to someone else!
What is their story?
Why/How did it end up here?
Where did it come from when it was new?
How much was it then?
Why did they buy it?

Then I started to think about cat in general, the word and the animal.
-women, feminine
-negative, "pussy"

Recommendations/Ideas from the Group
-voodoo doll
-pets and how you feel they "owe you"
-pet and petting (textures etc)
-put it into famous paintings/places
-using it in serious videos
-child's toy
-new life (from op shop)
-cats nine lives (could be its second etc life)
-consumer society-things have one life
-toy story (does it have feelings, a story, etc)
-feelings (loneliness, pictures of it in places could be an experiment, changing its face)
-mutation (no arms)