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Generating Random Numbers
Can be done through:
-location (coordinates)
-phone numbers

Counting what is already available to me will generate a random number, as I dont usually use it for this purpose, rather it is used for the purpose originally intended.

Everyday items worn:

The watch and necklace will generate something random, as I have never counted the circles or chainlinks on my necklace.


The necklace contains TWELVE silver dots, and THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE chainlinks.
To make this generator a little easier instead of counting over three hundred of something, I decided to add all the numbers together.
3 + 2 + 3 = 8.

I also needed a random location, and I chose to look at places that always seem to have random things.

-dollar store

I chose Vinnies because it is usually full of secondhand items, and you never know what you might find!

I would use the first number (twelve) as the number of steps into the store, and the second (eight) as how many items I count ACROSS to get to my thing. Making it at eye level or closest to it, wont allow me to choose my object, making it more random.

I had come across a problem however. To figure out if I should turn LEFT or RIGHT, I would use the minute hand on my watch.