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To find my item I would use the numbers generated from my necklace to determine how many steps I would take into Vinnies, and how many items I count before finding my thing. My minute hand on my watch would be used to determine whether I take an item from my left or right.

Welcome to the home of my thing!


I walked my 12 steps in, and was so glad I didnt hit the clothing racks, because it wouldnt be as random! Checking my watch, I turned right with the minute hand.


Okay, necklaces and the mens section. I decided to count across rows, rather than things, as there were multiple things in one row (especially with necklaces).

I made it to my new thing, a brown basket!


However, there were multiple things in the basket. There were people standing next to me looking through the necklaces so I asked them to pick something in the basket for me, and that would be my thing. They looked at me weirdly but did it anyway, and so, my thing was born.


thing 2

I immediately turned towards the counter and paid for it ($1, what a steal) and with the man wishing me a good day, I stepped out of the shop with my new thing: a cat?