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My third experiment was focussed on fashion. It is still common for children to purchase outfits that match with their toys, and many fashion designers have taken inspiration from a single source, such as a flower or location. I wanted to experiment with the inspiration developed from my cat toy, and make a wearable fashion item that will match with the toy like many children have with their favourite toys.

This experiment would be difficult due to the little to no knowledge with sewing, but I wanted to try it out anyway. I decided not to go for a full outfit, but instead make a possible dress for an adult. I looked at many dresses to try and match my cat toy, and the closest I got to was this, due to the cut of the top.
Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.58.09 pm.png

I called my local Lincraft store, and they had it in stock so I went in to buy it and look at materials. As my cat had the colours red and navy, I focussed on these when shopping. I also decided to include the buttons that were on my cat toys outfit.

I came across a red that matched easily, but finding a pattern similar to the cat's was difficult. I decided to go with a navy checkered print to match the squares on the navy section of the cat toy.


I bought the pattern and fabrics, and picked out buttons similar to the cat toy, and brought it all home. Then, I got to work!

Figuring things out took a lot of work as I had no previous experience with any sewing, and the instructions were huge, using different words I didn't understand how to do as a beginner. Instead, I cut out the pattern pieces I needed and tried putting the basics together without instructions, as I knew I wouldnt be able to fully make a dress from scratch by myself.


As you can see, that didn't go too well the first time around.

After many hours of unpicking all the threads from my mistakes, I finally finished the top!

The skirt was a lot easier, because the pieces were all the same.

I then sewed both pieces together, and came out with this end sticking out. It gave me the idea to have the last seam on the outside, to make the stitches more visible and therefore similar to the cat toy, and also reconnecting with this idea of the handmade. Usually the stitches in fashion aren't noticed, but this toy really highlighted them so I wanted to do the same.

My "reverse" seam!

I then added two buttons like the toy cat had to the front of the dress.


And the prototype is finished!


If I were to do this experiment again, I would do more prototypes and use more toys as inspiration. I would also make the dress more professional, and add more details to the dress to make it more interesting and have a stronger relationship to the toy inspiration.