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My second experiment was also focussed on life, but instead focussed on how the mutations and toys I have created, people are emotionally attached to. What would it be like if the mutations and toys had their own insides, their own organs? Would they love us back?

I started to think about the way in which humans have this skeleton and muscles and organs inside of us, yes we are attached to things that dont. Is this because we don't want rejection? Is it because we just assume they love us back, because they dont have life to them?

I decided to give a universal type of toy its own insides: a bear.

bear outline.gif
My bear's outline.

human outline.jpg
Human outline.

Is there really that much difference between them?

I decided to use the leftover stuffing from the toys I had bought for the earlier experiment.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 1.09.03 pm.png

Taking all the stuffing out of the toys felt like I was performing a surgery. We never see the insides of toys, we just focus on the outside attributes, so taking the stuffing out felt as if I already had the organs in my hands. I decided to try dying the stuffing to making it a bit more human-like.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 1.09.13 pm.png Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 1.09.22 pm.png

It started to feel more like surgery, like I had my hands in a blood bath. I waited several hours to see how the stuffing would take to the dye.

The stuffing didn't end up taking to the dye much at all, and when I researched it said it was due to the stuffing being synthetic.

I shaped some of the stuffing into a heart to start with, and thought I would sew around it to keep the heart in place.


However, the stitches just came out, not holding anything in place. It was difficult to keep them in shape, but I ended up liking the more organic look to the organs. I mean, would their organs look the exact same as ours?

The heart.

I didn't do this organ to size if I was going to put it in a bear, and decided to play around with scale in terms of these organs. I also wanted to step out of the idea of colours associated with organs, and play around with more playful colours to come back to this idea of the toy.


The lungs.

The brain.

I stopped at these organs as they felt the most important in terms of a toy. With a brain, heart and lungs, these toys could potentially come to life and have feelings towards their "owners". If I were to do this again, I would choose a stuffing that has more body, and try different ways to dye it, or stuff fabric that is the shape of a heart or other organ.