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Abigail's First Experiment

My first experiment focussed on the idea of mutation, and how people reacted to my thing. It was about the relationship between people and my thing, and how this may change when exploring other mutations.

When I first was given my "thing", I felt stuck with ideas. I felt like I was stuck with something that was very limited in terms of branching out of the immediate ideas of sewing and cats.

I decided to bring my thing around with me to help spark ideas, and observe other people's reactions to it.

He didn't like peak hour traffic.

Tonight was a trivia night with my family, so I bought it along inside. I started calling it a 'he', giving it a gender. He sat on the table with us, and as more family friends arrived, they asked about it. A couple questions seemed to be repeated with every person's encounter with my little dude.

-What is that?
-Why does it have no arms?
-can i touch it?


He couldn't decide what to order, but I got a pink lemonade for him and myself.

These questions got me to thinking. People are seeing the "flaws" in my little dude (the fact there are no arms) and constantly asking to touch it. It put me thinking on the path of mutations in animals and humans and how we are more inclined to stay away from it/them, but this thing attracted people because it was small and cute and had a few textures to it.

My sister and a family friend were quite happy with it.

They wanted to take this picture, which is interesting because we often take pictures of mutations or things that are considered different to the norm. We tend to point it out to others or stare at those with "mutations".

So I decided to combine these ideas of the mutation and touch/texture together for my first experiment. I also liked how this thing seemed handmade, at least, it was mended by hand when it broke once (or more), and I also liked the materials used. So I decided to make mutations out of fabrics that had different textures, but make mutations that werent considered as cute.

One cat meeting the other.

I decided that instead of creating a pattern first, I would do rough cuttings to push this idea of mutation, and I chose not to pay attention to aesthetics in terms of colour and shape when it came to the fabrics. I went to Vinnies (my little dude's home!) and purchased some secondhand toys. I planned to really mix it up, so got some bears as well as some dolls. When I was looking, I came across toys that were more targetted towards Valentines day, which I thought would be fun to play with as they may not be as loved after my mutations, and you probably wouldn't want to give these to a significant other.

My surgical table, and the victims!


I also found this toy quite funny.
Starting felt very violent! But I decided to just go for it, I dont think there is a wrong way to do this. It was more difficult than I thought, cutting into them, but after the initial "shock" wore off, it was quite therapeutic, and I did it whilst watching shows. It was good to do this without worrying about what it would look like, because mutations didnt really have a set of rules to follow. It was also a bit difficult to attach different parts onto others, but I managed.

This is the first mutation I did. it was interesting to see how these toys are made, as you always focus on the outside. I kept the tag to stick to this secondhand idea from my original thing, like someone had bought this new and then given it away.
This second one was more fun. I still felt like I wasn't letting go enough with these mutations, not pushing it enough. So for this second one I decided to keep both pairs of arms, for a different mutation. I really like this one because it felt more mutated, but also more "nice" than the first one. I again kept the tag on.

A self-portrait.

My third and final one I like the most, because it seems the most mutated, but also most cute? The girl also looks so happy regardless of what has just happened to her!

I think it was really good to do this experiment to explore this idea of mutation and how once there is a mutation, we feel differently towards things or people even if we knew the "before".