After spending some time with Aloe branded products, I've become interested in the representation of plants in commercial versus natural environments. I want to explore the different recognizable shapes within the natural world and how we identify them as consumers that are also surrounded by nature.

I have created a book of varying representations, symbols, and drawings of plants. The experimentation comes in as I test my own memory, annotating each illustration with associations, memory and feeling that comes with each plant. Viewing and analyzing these different forms with the commercially associative filter of my own mind exposes the plants roles and familiarity in a modern world. I started by collecting plants from my journeys around Sydney, as well as taking photos of them to save for later. Some of these I drew on the spot, others I'd illustrate in detail later as literally and accurately as possible, while others I'd focus on the outlines, basic shapes, or minute details of. Most of my associations with these plants came from childhood, media representation or places I’d seen them. Interestingly I realized that I associate some plants with higher value, because of where I’ve seen them, however I don’t know how much they actually cost. When observing and recording these plants in their natural environments, it seems silly to treat them as such capitalist objects. This made me consider how we could view plants and their representation in better reference to their actual context (being of the earth).

Documentation of Experiment 3