300 Word Statement- Experiment 1

In my first experiment I was inspired by my Aloe plant’s historical significance in healing and medicine. For research I looked into ancient practices associated with the plant, and the royalty that used it in their daily routines. Over anything else, aloe has been used mostly for skin care and burn healing. I consequently decided to experiment with the plant I had found on my own skin.
For my experiment process I cut a small aloe stem off the pot plant I found in my back garden, and sliced it in half reveal its gooey inside. For comparison, I also introduced some artificial aloe that I had found under my bathroom sink. These comparisons had me thinking about the role consumerism today plays in medicine and ancient tradition.
I first played with the textures and colors of the two aloe sources. I spread them out on paper and waited for them to dry. Here I observed the cool blue hue of the artificial gel, versus the dried bright green stain that the plant left. To take my experiment further I also used the substances for their original purposes, rubbing one on each of my arms. I left these to dry and observed the changes in the morning. Although only vaguely different, the artificial gel left my skin sticky and tight, while the plant smoothed the surface of my arm. I reflected on this subtlety as a comment on small consequences we are exposed to every day. These consequences arise from the constant dilution of valued substances through mass production and distribution for capital gain.

Experiment 2