Experiment 3

After my first experiment, I was interested in reflective capabilities of highly glossy materials. Mirror was my first option to experiment with. An image or a form from a reflective surface is the pure reflective embodiment of what it sees.
The topic that I have obtained as a result of the random generator is 'LIFE'. The meaning of life differs from person to person, it is the way an individual frames it.
Life has many beautiful patterns but yet it is not a bed of roses. Some people find life very hard, merciless and cruel while others take it as a challenge to overcome the problems.
They create patterns that would provide them with the solutions required. Though life is full of ups and downs it has many facets of blessings and successes.
On the other hand, life would be more miserable to you if you take everything for granted and wait for fate to play itself out. So the will to succeed or fail lies within the individual jurisdiction.

Also, the mind controls your thoughts and beliefs and is the centre of everything. A positive mind helps one to discover his talents and potentials.

I personally take life as a channel of discovery and innovation so I have compared the pattern of my life with the betta fish. The characteristics of the betta fish are similar to that of mine.

In experiment 1 I have captured the sounds and lights around me and I have shown the result of how it affected me, likewise in the experiment 2 I have captured the changes in the behavioural pattern of the betta fish when it comes across similar sounds and lights.


First trial- The fish was placed in a bowl in a very calm situation, suddenly I dropped a glass on the floor the fish was alarmed with the sound and began to move rapidly.

The second trial- I wrapped the bowl using colour papers with various designs and colours on them, I noticed the behaviour of the fish changing while different colour papers were used, this depicts the mood of the fish and how it reacts to various colours.







The third trial- ThenI wanted to check how the fish would react to the difference in temperatures so I started adding ice cubes to the bowl one by one. Initially, the fish did not respond much as I increased the ice cubes the temperature of the water began to change so the fish became very agitated and it found it very difficult to habituate to that particular temperature. Likewise, I wanted to capture the movement of the fish in boiling water so I poured in some hot water into the bowl, the fish became stationary.


The fourth trial- I feed the fish only once in the morning when I throw some fish food the fish does not come to the surface immediately. After I leave the place and when she finds not even my shadow there she comes to the surface to eat. One day I was really busy that I forgot to feed her and I noticed her swimming on the surface very ravenous. After some time of getting food, she came to her typical state.

The fifth trial- I tried placing my vibrating phone near the bowl, as soon as the vibrating sound waves reached her she got electrified and started swimming very energetic.

The sixth trial- I wanted to check on how the fish reacts to different light patterns, First of all, i used a hand torch light holding on to the light from the top surface, I noticed the fish became motionless later I switched on and switched off the light and I found the fish to be swimming in a state of chaos. Then I used the flashlight from my phone and the fish seemed to be annoyed because the intensity of light from the phone was more than the torchlight.


The pattern created a magical effect combining the colours from the body of the fish and the colour wraps I used to create mood for the fish. The betta fish finally vanished because it was tired and dint move for a while. Im capturing videos of the same for further experimentation.